The Call to be Hated

The Call to be Hated

A brief analysis of the recent United Methodist decision to uphold the sanctity of marriage and its membership’s response to this decision.


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Experience Makes Me Closer to God

Experience Makes Me Closer to God

All too often churches today claim that experiencing the presence of God is a barometer for the health of our relationship with God, and there appears to be some common sense evidence that this is true. However…

Earning an Answer

Earning an Answer

Do you believe your actions relate directly to a “yes” or “no” from God? One question I have struggled with is, “If I had just behaved better, this good thing would have happened or this bad thing wouldn’t have happened.”

How We Judge

So how many times have you disagreed with someone’s words or action and voiced your thoughts to that person, only to have Matthew 7:1 – “Judge not lest you be judged” thrown in your face? Let’s take a look at judging more closely.

Why Apologetics?

Why does it matter you might ask, this apologetics? I believe in the Bible, I believe in Jesus, I believe in the Trinity, I believe in the creation account, I believe in free will, I believe in predestination, I believe in the nature of law, I believe in [fill in the blank].

The Shack: A Review

While it is an interesting read and very touching in sections, I have to say I would not recommend this to anyone curious about who or what God is, what the Trinity is, or someone who has serious theological questions.

Chosen with a Purpose

Since the completion of our First Chapter of John Course, I frequently find myself returning to John 1:1-2. I must confess that rhetoric has always been very interesting to me (sometimes to the annoyance of my wife), and I find the wording in John 1:1-2 particularly interesting.