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Religion: Not a Bad Word

It has become fashionable to say that the Bible and religion have failed the church, but the Bible teaches that true religion is anything but the problem.

Pain and Suffering: The Problem Of Evil

Perhaps no topic has bolstered athiestic arguments against Christianity more than the Problem of Evil and the existence of pain and suffering. Fortunately, there are good answers to even the most challenging critiques.

The Moral Argument

Increasingly regarded as one of the most potent arguments in favor of God’s existence, the Moral Argument poses a real problem for the atheist, who is generally quick to embrace the existence of moral values and duties but slow to provide a justification for their existence.

The Enneagram – A History (Part 2)

No series on the history of the Enneagram is complete without a close examination of George Ivanovich Gurdjieff, the man and his teachings. This article digs deeply into Gurdjieff’s life and his teaching in order to uncover many unsavory and inconsistent aspects of the modern Enneagram.

The Ontological Argument

Professional philosophers commonly regard the Ontological Argument as the best single logical argument in favor of God’s existence. In fact, many secular philosophers have conceded that the Modal Ontological Argument holds up under even the most rigorous scrutiny.

The Enneagram: The Appeal to Moral Neutrality

In their eagerness to defend the Enneagram from criticism many mystics claim that the Enneagram is merely a tool that can be used for good or ill without realizing that doing so undermines mysticism’s core tenets. This article calls upon mystics to either declare the Enneagram sacred or deny it altogether.

Christian Living, Part 01: The Christian

Christian living is nothing more than living Life—which is Jesus Christ himself. In this first of a multipart series we get an overview of the Christian Life and begin analyzing the Biblical model of Christian psycho-spiritual functionality, focusing on concepts like body, soul, heart, and spirit.

The Enneagram – A History (Part 1)

The Enneagram has become an absolute rage in Christian circles, but its recent and ancient history leaves many with more questions than answers. In this first of a three part series we delve into the history of the Enneagram to uncover the mystery behind its origins, purposes, and uses.

Goliath: The Biggest Underdog?

We’re all familiar with the story of David and Goliath, but a relatively recent trend of Biblical reinterpretation has led to rethinking the famous passage. The question, however, remains: does this “rethinking” get the story right?

The Cosmological Argument

The following article outlines the three most common cosmological arguments in favor of the existence of God. This article is a survey of these arguments, explores the relationship between the arguments, offers some of the most common counter arguments, and offers rebuttals to those dissenting positions.

Apologetics for Everyone

If you would like to see people start squirming in their seats, I invite you to simply mention the term Christian apologetics. Just watch how fast the room goes silent and cold. And the kicker is that it is not the atheists who are squirming; it is the Christians who are uncomfortable. But why?

Does God Love Me Just As I Am?

Recently I read several articles praising some Christian artists for coming out of the closet and professing they are now homosexuals. While the tone of the articles did not surprise me, the quotes from the artists themselves were eye-opening. So I want to address each one separately.

Abide In Christ

Many Christians read John 15:2 and verses like it and become very troubled. They question whether or not they might themselves be one of the branches that will be taken away. Then they see verse six in the same chapter, and become terrified. How important, therefore, that we look closely at this passage to understand its true meaning.

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