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What is this place?

Welcome, fellow traveler. You’ve stumbled upon the Think Tank. But please don’t get the wrong idea; we’re not your typical, stuffy, Mr. Smarty-pants sort of think tank. We are an open society of explorers, questioners, ponderers, teachers, artists, and followers of Jesus Christ. We are passionately seeking God for the revelation of His person, His Word, and His will. Lord willing, we hope to create a safe, friendly, and inspirational destination for everyone who is seeking Biblical truth. And for those who are honestly seeking, we hope to cut through the fluff surrounding many of the most difficult theological topics and provide a straight-forward and visually arresting learning experience.

Does that mean we will only graze the surface of tough issues or neglect the nuance of subtle arguments? Absolutely not. This is, after all, a think tank. We simply believe that the truth of God’s Word is best understood within a practical, multidisciplinary, and multimedia framework.


You speak of truth: where is the truth?

God is truth and is the only eternal reality. We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, the Bible is true and infallible, and the Bible teaches:

  1. God created spacetime and matter-energy in all of its forms and organizational constructs. We believe God created human beings to contain, express, and enjoy Him.
  2. Humans violated the holy Law of God and were, apart from the saving work of Jesus Christ, irreparably separated from God.
  3. The Father sent the Son in the person of Jesus Christ to earth and that Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life, died on the cross, was raised from the dead on the third day, was seen by many, ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
  4. Jesus Christ sent His Holy Spirit to teach, to guide, to comfort, to reprove, to correct, and to empower those who by faith call on the name of Jesus, confess with their mouths, and believe in their hearts that these facts which have been here extolled are true.

Moreover, we believe the Bible holds up under logical, philosophical, historical, and scientific scrutiny. We believe the Bible is a self-consistent message, which originated outside of space and time. We believe that the full revelation of God is given in the Scriptures, but we also believe that the treasures of the Scriptures are inexhaustible and the revelation of God through the Scriptures continues. We believe that the Bible contains semantic, numeric, and cryptographic signatures of incalculable intelligence. We believe that the Bible is a message from a loving God to a lost and desperate people.


I’ll take two, please.

Want to hear more? Peruse the site, read, look, watch, listen, comment, reach out, contribute. Join the Theology Think Tank movement. This is great soil in which to grow in Christ Jesus. Set down some roots, and let’s grow together in a fun, inspiring, beautiful, and honest corner of the internet.


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